H2O Dust Control 20L Pail


H2O DC is a very effective, low cost dust control additive.

H2O Dust Control works by causing a bond between loose clay particles making them less likely to become airborne. Erosion induced by wind is also greatly reduced.

H2O DC is mixed with water and applied by a water truck centrifugal pump sprayer to high dust surfaces.

This non-toxic product requires agitation and should be added to the water truck reservoir when being filled with water. Best results are realized when a proper water to H2O DC ratio is achieved for various environmental conditions.

Product description

  • Dust Control Initial dosage of 20lbs per 5000 gallons of water.
  • Second application reapply same dosage.
  • Maintenance dosage of 10lbs per 5000 gallons dilution.


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