While water may play an important part in to the health of our bodies and our planet. It can wreak havoc on sensitive components in industrial enclosures. Which is why moisture control and corrosion protection is so important. At H2O Control Products, we supply the underground mining industry and its equipment suppliers. As well as power generation, engineering and heating oil delivery companies, with the very best in moisture absorption and corrosion control products.

Our products focus on keeping components such as electrical boxes, junction boxes and control panels, free from corrosion. Which can shut down the equipment and cost you lots of money.

Our products include:

  •  Moisture Absorbing Packets by H2O – for enclosures up to 20 cu.ft. One single teaspoon can easily absorb 500ml of water
  • Transformer Breathers by H2O  – desiccation of the air space in conservator tanks on oil-filled transformers
  • Spin-On Water Removing Filters by H2O – simply spin off the old filter and spin on the new
  • Corrosion Control Pump Spray (non-aerosol) by H2O – a light oil, high dielectric formulation that stops corrosion in electrical enclosures
  • Water Worm for Holding Tanks by H2O – remove water in oil and fuel storage tanks using a cloth tube containing a small amount of our water absorbing desiccant
  • Dust Control by H2O – bonds to the water and uses it to keep the dust in place

We offer unique cost effective products based upon an advanced technology for free water and humidity absorption. H2O Control products are superior to standard desiccants such as clay based products, Silica Gel or molecular sieves.

Browse our catalogue or Contact us today to help prevent moisture and corrosion tomorrow.