Excel 440 High Temperature Penetrant Lubricant

  • 20,000 volt dielectric shield
  • highly effective cutting oil
  • emergency bearing lube
  • high stress chain lubricant
  • drives out moisture

Excel 440 Temperature Penetrant Lubricant With the ability to withstand temperatures to 250 C, Excel 440 provides unsurpassed friction/wear reduction and is highly effective in applications such as high stress chain lubrication, break-oil for metal fasteners and mechanisms and cutting oil for drilling, tapping and lathe work. With a dielectric shield of 20,000 volts, Excel 440 gives electrical connections water-proof protection against moisture and corrosion not building up beyond a single monomolecular layer. Excel 440 Penetrant is available in a 12oz aerosol can.


  1. Quickly penetrates metal parts with a light, polarized oil
  2. Delivers unsurpassed lubrication to any mechanism
  3. Long-lasting lubricant film withstands high temperatures to 250 C (480 F) continuous
  4. Non-solid compound does not build up beyond a single, monomolecular layer
  5. Provides unsurpassed friction/wear reduction
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