Dust Control

  • mix with water and spray on
  • unlimited shelf life
  • works on gravel, sand and more
  • does not stick to clothes or machinery

H2O Dust Control comes in powder form. This powder is mixed with water, the ratio being determined by your conditions. Using a standard industrial sprayer, H2O Dust Control is easily applied. Since this is a water based product it will not stick to passing machinery, reducing equipment maintenance. H2O Dust Control bonds to the water and uses it to keep the dust in place. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly, H2O Dust Control does not require any special equipment or clothing. In its powder form, the product has an unlimited shelf life. H2O Dust Control is ideal for construction, mining and military use.

Helicopter landing w/o Dust Control

Helicopter landing before H2O Dust Control is applied.

Helicopter landing w/Dust Control

Helicopter taking off after H2O Dust Control was applied.

H2O Control: Dust Control
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