Corrosion Control

  • non-aerosol pump spray
  • dielectric strength to 30,000 volts
  • superior underground moisture inhibitor
  • perfect for electrical enclosures and contact point protection

Corrosion Control
Corrosion Control is a light oil, high dielectric formulation that stops corrosion in electrical enclosures. As a superior moisture inhibitor, H2O Corrosion Control helps keep contact points working efficiently. Perfect for shipping moisture sensitive equipment, whether domestic or overseas. With the Corrosion Control barrier in place moisture can no longer penetrate, stopping rust in its tracks. Let Corrosion Control protect your underground equipment, machinery, vehicles, electrical systems, hand tools and any other corrodible items you want to protect from moisture damage. Available in a convenient 8oz. non-aerosol pump spray or a one gallon refill jug.

H2O Control: Corrosion Control
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